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Be Creative with Landscape Edging

When landscaping, one often finds a need to use edging. Edging adds a decorative touch to any project. It also allows for the creation of carefully planned and defined lines, which may be critical to an overall visual effect. Landscape edging also has some very pragmatic benefits, preventing the displacement of soil and often serving as a barrier to weeds in particular areas.

Landscape edging comes in every imaginable shape and size. One can use wood edging in a variety of styles. Black plastic edging is an old standby and an economical way to handle edging needs. Others may prefer stone edging that matches their home or walkways. Metal edging is available, too.

The great variety in edging products creates a great creative opportunity for the landscaper. Not only is thousands of commercial landscape edging products available, there is also room to create and construct your own edging. There really is no limit to number of ways one can address their edging needs, making it a perfect creative outlet!

If you tore down an older out building during the landscaping process, you may be able to use the wood from that old structure to edge. Perhaps the old tin roof from that very same decimated building could be converted into landscape edging. This allows you to bring something from the old into the new in a creative way.

Is your area rich in a distinctive type or color of stone? If so, it may be the perfect source of landscape edging. Instead of relying on pre-cut pieces of uniformly cut stone, the creative landscaper can find a way to use self-gathered rock from the area to create a stunning landscape edging technique.

Landscape edging may serve to create boundaries, but there doesn’t need to be any creative boundaries when conceiving edging options. The number of possible materials is amazing; the number of possible techniques is truly infinite.

There is nothing wrong with going to a supplier and finding commercially available landscape edging material. Millions of homeowners rely on this kind of edging and millions more will purchase it in the future. However, if you are looking for a way to bring something more of yourself—something individual and unique—into the landscaping process, you may want to look at landscape edging as one way of accomplishing that goal.




Landscaping Articles

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Backyard Landscaping

When most people think of landscaping, they think of a beautifully decorated front yard. But what about the back? There are many reasons why you should consider backyard landscaping, if you have not already. Some of them include: - To enjoy for yourself. Wouldn't it be great to sit out on your sun deck and have a magnificent view? It is a stress reliever like no other because of its relaxing qu...
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Landscaping Stone

If you have interest in using landscaping stone in your yard, garden, koi pond or walkway, don't limit yourself to the traditional. Consider finding or shopping for unique stones to add flair or accent to your plans. Landscaping stone can be versatile, used for simple decoration or as a foundation for much more. Some of the uses for landscaping stone include flooring, such as for a patio, fo...
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Properly Watering Hillside and Sloped Landscaping

Sloped and hillside lawns and landscapes tend to develop dry dead spots during the hot part of the season. This is primarily due to water run off before it has a chance to saturate into the soil. Deep saturation is a key to a healthy lawns and plants. Deep watering helps establish deeper roots that can handle Summer heat stress. Water that runs off or just barely breaks the surface, obviously d...
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Landscaping Articles

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Landscaping Design - The Primary Principles

Principles refer to standards or prescriptions for working with or arranging various elements to produce the intended landscape design. Good landscape design follows a combination of seven principles: unity, balance, proportion, focalization or emphasis, sequence or transition, rhythm, and repetition. Unity refers to the use of elements to create harmony and consistency with the main theme or id...
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Decorative Stone Uses For Landscaping

One of the benefits resulting from the diminishing rainfall now being experienced Australia wide is the growing realisation by the community that there are alternatives to the vast areas of lawn traditionally found around suburban houses. The new trend toward smaller property sizes has also caused people to look at more practical uses that could be made of the surrounds to their homes. One of the fast...
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Tips for Choosing a Landscaping Firm

It is known to everyone that landscaping will make the yard very attractive, at the same time attractiveness is not the sole benefit that we can enjoy from a properly planed and implemented landscaping. It is rightly said that we have to put our effort to gain some benefits. This is applicable in the case of landscaping also. But it is not possible for every one who is interested in landscaping to spend en...
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