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Landscape Ideas Can Appeal to all Senses

We usually think of landscaping as a visual art. Landscaping involves the careful placement of natural and human-made elements in an outdoor space to produce a pleasing visual impact. Aesthetics are always a chief concern on the talented landscaper. Landscaping ideas are something you can dream up to beautify your home.

However, approaching the design of a landscape as a purely visual process is somewhat over-limiting. There are landscape ideas that can be used to make outdoor spaces appeal to our other senses, as well. The outdoors need not only appeal to our sense of sight. Pleasing the eye is wonderful, but it is not the only end that can be sought through the use of creative landscape ideas.

Our sense of sight, obviously, is always involved with landscaping. However, someone working with the right landscape ideas can also please our sense of smell. The use of flowers and other fragrant plants can lead to a wonderful sensory experience through the use of attractive aromas.

One can also integrate our elements that appeal to our sense of hearing by using the right landscape ideas. Water gardens can provide a calming sound. A particularly talented landscaper may be able to harness the wind in the trees to introduce sound into the yard space. Man-made chimes and other elements can also be used to appeal to our ears, as well as our eyes. One can bring a variety of landscape ideas to bear in a way that can appeal to our sense of hearing.

The sense of touch is always at play, to some extent, in landscaping. From the feel of cool grass between our toes to the delicate petals of a flower, interacting with a well-planned landscape can satisfy our sense of touch. Those who rely on the best landscape ideas invariably create an area of diverse textures and feels.

Can you taste a landscape? Probably not directly, but one can use landscape ideas in planning an area that make taste a consideration. This can be as simple as making use of berry-bearing shrub or fruit producing trees. It can be as involved as integrating a full summer garden into a landscaping plan. One cannot enjoy the flavor of a landscape, but they can certainly enjoy the fruits of a well-planned landscape long after they have returned indoors.

Using the right landscape ideas can elevate the art of beautifying outdoor space into a practice that communicates with us on every sensory level.





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